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    Paranormal Attack

    Rui Oliveira (Xangaill) formed a psychedelic trance group Paranormal Attack in 2001. Rui, Lucas and Gonçalo Miranda are producing psytrance since 2001. They are from Portugal, the place where Boom Festival was born. Paranormal Attack was also a part of Tomorrowland in Brasil, 2016. Xangaill has also produced a song with Cosmonet (No Fear). He is very active Dj and producer and if you want to hear his music, you can find him on Soundloud. I also must mention that it was an amazing experience to work with this friendly guy. I made an illustration and graphic design for his No Fear EP. If you need an album cover for your project, you can always contact me via my email address; and I will give you my offer.

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    Project Description

    One of the best projects I've ever had. Paranormal Attack is an amazing artist and it was a pleasure to work this album cover for him.

    No Fear EP

    • Client:Rui Oliveira
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    • Skills:
      • Drawing
      • Graphic Design
      • Photoshop
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