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    Jan Tomić is an artist from Split, Croatia and his biggest passion is making album covers for musicians.

    He is making hand-drawn illustrations and he is adding some digital elements as colours and textures in it. He can also make you an illustration for any other project (novel, ebook, poster etc.).

    He was into art since he was 5 and he i still on the road. He finished the School of Fine Arts as a Graphic Designer and The Academy of Fine Arts in Split, the branch Sculpture.

    Jan is also a musician and sound recorder, so his first album cover was made for his own psytrance music project; Muhara. He was mostly inspired by Ajja, Archaic, Vertical and Parasect.

    He is also recording sound for movies. You can find his sound in movies like: Marko, Ritki Zrak (Swelter), Okidač (The Trigger), Johnny je Mrtav (Johnny is Dead) etc.

    Music, movies, love and fear are the biggest inspiration for Jan and his serious journey with art began a long time ago when he realised how music can change your mind setting and make a balance between your body and soul. He is not religious, but he has a big respect for Buddhism and Hinduism.

    „There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting“ – Buddha